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All times are listed in Pacific Time


Basic Fitness for Active Seniors

M-W  8:00-9:00 am ONGOING & ONLINE; FEE VARIES ($5-$7/class)

This class has approximately 35 minutes of low-impact aerobics and 20 minutes of strength and stretching exercises.

Email for more information

Health & Wellness for Older Adults: Active Body, Active Mind (FREE)

Mon  3:00-4:10 pm Starting January 22, 2024 IN PERSON AT SBCC SCHOTT CAMPUS

Wed 3:00-4:10 pm Starting January 24, 2024 ONLINE

Thurs  3:00-4:10 pm Starting January 25, 2024 IN PERSON AT WAKE CAMPUS

This class has approximately 45 minutes of physical exercise and 25 minutes of discussion/cognitive exercise.

Register in person or online:

Strength & Stability for Active Seniors ($7/class prepaid for 7 or 8 week sessions)

Tuesdays  3:00-4:00 pm Starting January 23, 2024  IN PERSON AT SBCC WAKE CAMPUS

60 minutes of agility, balance, strength and stretch exercises.

Register in person or online:

Swimming for Conditioning  (SBCC credit program)

Swim for fitness class for all levels

Mon/Wed 9:45 - 10:55 am

Mon/Wed/Fri 11:00am - 12 noon

go to for more information


Wednesdays, 1:00-1:45 pm  ONGOING & ONLINE (FREE)

35 -40 minutes of light seated and standing exercises that specifically target your balance system. 

Zoom Link: Balance Matters


No public presentations are scheduled at this time.

Past Workshops:

Fall Prevention

- Ten Tips for Better Balance

- Balance: Use It Or Lose It! 

- The ABC's of Balance

- Balance Matters 

- The Three R's of Stretching: Release, Restore and Rejuvenate

Recordings of some of the workshops and exercise sessions are available on  YouTube: search under my name Sally Saenger or go to

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