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"Fall Prevention" Senior Planet Sponsored Workshop

Four Sessions: Monday & Wednesday, 9/26/22, 9/28/22, 10/3/22 & 10/5/22; 1:00 - 1:45 pm Pacific Time ONLINE (FREE)  

Go to for information and the link to the workshop.


Basic Fitness for Active Seniors

M-W-F  8:00-9:00 am ONGOING & ONLINE; FEE VARIES ($5-$7/class)

This class has approximately 35 minutes of low-impact aerobics and 20 minutes of strength and stretching exercises. At this point the class is offered Mon & Wed until further notice.

Email for more information

Health & Wellness for Older Adults: Active Body, Active Mind (FREE)

Mon & Thurs  3:00-4:10 pm Starting August 29, 2022 IN PERSON AT SBCC SCHOTT CAMPUS

Wed 3:00-4:10 pm Starting August 31, 2022 ONLINE

This class has approximately 45 minutes of physical exercise and 25 minutes of discussion/cognitive exercise.

Register in person or online:

Strength & Stability for Active Seniors ($7/class prepaid for 7 or 8 week sessions)

Tuesdays  3:00-4:00 pm Starting October 18, 2022 IN PERSON AT SBCC WAKE CAMPUS

60 minutes of agility, balance, strength and stretch exercises.

Register in person or online:

Balance Matters (AARP Senior Planet)

Wednesdays, 1:00-1:45 pm Starting October 12, 2022 ONGOING & ONLINE (FREE)

45 minutes of light seated and standing exercises that specifically target your balance system. A different topic about fall prevention will be addressed each week.

Go to for more information.

Strength & Stability (AARP Senior Planet)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00-10:45 am  ONGOING & ONLINE (FREE)

45 minutes of balance, mobility, strength and stretch exercises.

Go to for more information.

Swimming for Conditioning: PE 134  IN PERSON AT LOS BANOS POOL

A Fitness Swimming class offered through Santa Barbara City College, held at Los Banos pool.

All levels and ages are invited to participate. Classes begin January 23, 2023, and run for 15 weeks, MWF, 10 and 11 am. Cost is approximately $90 for 36+ classes, which includes extras like a free bus pass, SBCC health center and student discounts at businesses.

Go to for registration information or contact Sally Saenger using the contact form on this site.

Costa Rica Study Abroad: Spanish, Surfing & Stretching!

June 3 - June 26, 2022. Anyone 18 or older can participate in this program sponsored by Santa Barbara City College.

For more information go to SBCC Costa Rica Study Abroad 


"Fall Prevention" (Senior Planet Sponsored workshop)

Four Sessions: Monday & Wednesday, 9/26/22, 9/28/22, 10/3/22 & 10/5/22; 1:00 - 1:45 pm Pacific Time ONLINE (FREE)  

Go to for more information.

Past Senior Planet Workshops:

- Ten Tips for Better Balance

- Balance: Use It Or Lose It! 

Recordings of the workshops and some exercise sessions are available on  YouTube: search for Senior Planet