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Access to Lifelong Fitness (ALLFIT) was founded as a non-profit agency and incorporated in March, 1996.  After more than 10 years as a non-profit organization, ALLFIT evolved into what it is today, a business serving the older adult population. The Founder and Executive Director is Sally Saenger, M.Ed., a native of Santa Barbara. Ms. Saenger has an extensive background in the recreation and fitness industry. She is a part-time faculty member at Santa Barbara City College, both the credit and Adult Education Division. She has been teaching and working in the fitness field for over four decades, focusing on the older adult population for most of her career. Ms. Saenger is a Senior Fitness Specialist and has received certification from several organizations in the health and fitness industry. Most recently, Sally was chosen as one of five Senior Planet Sponsored Athletes from Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), which is part of AARP.




To provide  professional and convenient wellness services to the older adult population in the community; to provide information services regarding fitness and wellness to professionals working with the seniors; and to promote physical fitness as a way of life and an important aspect of disease prevention for all persons regardless of age or ability.




  • Contribute to the improved functional mobility and health of older adults by providing wellness and fitness services to that segment of the population;

  • Provide services and resources to facilitate social engagement for seniors;

  • Provide health and wellness training, education and resources for professionals and family members who work with and care for older adults.

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